Kristen (skarky) wrote,

Kristina's crazy obsession with all things Japanese

Ok so I've listened to enough Japanese music in the last few days to last me a lifetime. lol. That's just because of my friend Kristina's fetish with all things Japanese. But on Thursday and Friday I got an extra earful of the Japanese music she likes to play in her car. We got lost like ten million times. I know what everyone's thinking. How can you possibly get lost so much on this tiny island? But somehow we managed to accomplish it. She was driving me home and we ended up almost drving into Jersey. Thank God for that sign that said "Last exit on S.I.". Anyway...then we ended up going all the way to the Teleport, which is all the way on the other side of the island. All the while, we were listening to maybe three japanese songs over and over again. Sunday I had a college visit, to Pace University, and the whole time I could not get this one song out of my head. I swear I almost stood up and burst into song in Japanese, which would have been bad considering I was in a room with a few hundred other people and some professor was talking about organic that was a portion of how my weekend went. That's all for now. Be back to write a whole lot more later.
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