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Eastern Medicine vs. Western Medicine

You are all pig headed. All of you who think western medicine is garbage, have any of you ever had a loved one with cancer or AIDS? If so, then you should know western medicine is not crap...western medicine may have very well saved said loved ones life and if it did not, it sure made it a hell of a lot bareable to live through it for as long as they could. The same goes for all of you out there who think eastern medicine is crap. Who the hell are you to say? If it's helped someone, reduced their pain, what's the problem with giving it a try? Why must we all be so fucking judgmental of how others choose to fix their health problems and treat their pain? Shouldn't we be encouraging of anything that is going to help them? Why must we tell others what the right choice for them is? How do we know unless we have walked in their shoes? So stop yourself. Think before you speak. Think before you make snap judgements about others' lives and their health. Live and let live.  
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