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the new year

drinking buddies of the year? 
drank a total of three times i believe....drinking with faya was fun. 

your song for 2007? 
jimmy eat world's 23 (even though it's from '05) 

lifetime service award (longest friend) 
movie group collectively...and jenn. 

newcomer award-coolest new friend? 

high point of the year? 
hmmm...being in boston maybe...

low point of the year? 
ending things with matt 564849449 times. 

movie for 2007? 
juno (technically i saw it '08, but it came out in '07 so it counts) and superbad

best holiday?

who did you spend valentine's day with? 

best relationship 
matt at the high/happy points of our "relationship" 

what were you for halloween? 
was gonna be tonks, but got sick and stayed home..m/b next year. 

restaurant of the year? 
hmm..don't know..went to a couple places in boston i really like...temple bar and cuchi cuchi (spelling it wrong def)...m/b one of my typical japanese places like tomo or hanami 

biggest douchebag award? 
matt, hands down. 

best decision made this year? 
boston, finally ending things with matt for good, going to grad school f/t this semester. 

what are your plans for next year? 
to get into a serious relationship with someone who can actually handle one, to do awesome in school, to figure out once and for all what the fuck i wanna do with my life, to fix this whole tmj problem. 

most stupid idea post-drinking? 
drunk-texting matt maybe?

tv show of the year? 
sex and the city reruns....nothing is good anymore. 

most loyal friends? 
movie group & jenn. 

new year's resolution? 
to open my mind and hopefully my heart again, to learn from my mistakes and realize you can't change people, only yourself, and to stop getting in co-dependent, addictive relationships with people who can't handle real intimacy.
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